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Patient Experiences

Patient Experiences

Pain Free after Rotator Cuff Surgery

I am a 69-year-old retired pharmaceutical rep in good health, an active person, walker, golfer, etc. I had rotator cuff day surgery on October 7, 2008, on my right shoulder. I was told that it was a serious repair. Prior to surgery, I could play golf but I couldn't raise my arm very far in any direction without severe pain and weakness. Sleeping on my right side was difficult at best. I couldn't carry packages or any weight.

As a result of the surgery and physical therapy, I'm 95% recovered at six months without pain. I was told full recovery would take a year. I still have some weakness as far as lifting any weight above my shoulder but it is getting stronger as I continue to exercise. I am very grateful to Dr. Cole, Kyle Pilz (who was available at all hours for consultation), John Duncombe, and my wife who was there at all times to help me.

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