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Patient Experiences

Patient Experiences

71-Year-Old Former Marine is Living Active


Total Shoulder Replacement

Prior to the procedure, I could touch the top of my head with my right arm, only with pain. I could not touch the top of my left shoulder. And I certainly could not enjoy sailing my 44 foot ketch on Lake Michigan. I was confined to sitting, rather than participating.

Successful recovery to me means setting specific goals to be obtained within specific time frames (sailing, working out, etc). Also, being careful to follow the rehab protocol dictated by Dr. Cole and implemented by my therapist. The "homework" portion of the therapy is very important and significantly speeds the process. I had more pain-free movement four days following surgery, than before the procedure. I had to be scolded about overusing my new shoulder.

The importance of LiveActive seems to be a silly question. Why have the surgery, if not interested in "Living Active?" As a 71 year old former Marine, I have 256 parachute jumps. I want to do that again. I want to sail my ketch in 30 knot wind and see how far I can bury the rail. ("If you ain't railin', you ain't sailin'.")

Attached is a picture of what I intend to look like again this summer, which is how I looked two years ago, before my shoulder went bad.

I will send needful patients to Dr. Cole every chance I get.

    — Wayne Barnett

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